Fabulous Custom Closets


Get Organized!

Ever considered a custom closet? Cayman Homes is your Jacksonville custom closet expert! Tell me if this sounds familiar… There is a special event you want to attend and know the perfect ensemble. You go into your closet and stop dead in your tracks. It is chaos. Shoes piled here, clothing shoved over there. To make things worse the lighting is abysmal. And you have no idea where this outfit is. Everything is completely disorganized. Wouldn’t it be great if everything has its own special place so you could go right to it without having to dig through your things AND your spouses? Maybe it’s time for that custom closet you’ve been thinking about…

Custom closet wtih shelving.


There are several things to consider before jumping in head first. You want the decisions you make to be within the scope of size, practicality, and budget. Listed below are elements to consider when planning your Jacksonville custom closet design.


Lighting is crucial. You want to be able to find things quickly and see colors properly. You have many options when it comes to lighting; recessed, overhead, natural – it all depends on the size and feel of the closet.

Luxury Chandelier

Jacksonville Custom closet with large chandelier

This guilded chandelier gives this space an opulent appeal.

Overhead with Natural Lighting

Jacksonville Custom closet with overhead and natural lighting

Overhead lighting with the addition of the sunny window gives this closet a wide-open feel.

Custom Shelving

The shelves that come with your home most times are not where you need them and are awkwardly placed. A custom shelving system will put those shelves right where you need them. Think of how convenient it would be to have a special space for purses, shoes, hats, etc.

Wall to Wall Custom Shelving

Wall of custom shelving in custom closet

Walls of shelving make items easy to find.

Small Space Organization

Custom closet with shelving

Even small spaces can be organized and crisp.


Imagine a full length mirror that also doubles as a sliding door to ‘hide’ shelving. Or an ornate gilded mirror to add a bit of elegance. The possibilities are endless. Mirrors can add to the decor or even make a smaller space look a lot bigger.

Walls of mirrors

Custom closet sliding door mirrors

Sliding mirror doors open up a narrow space.

Revolving Mirror

Custom closet with revolving mirror

A revolving mirror can save space and give the design a clean modern feel.


After you have the basics there is so much more you can add to make your custom closet spectacular! Available to the closet connoisseur are many really cool accessories you can add to your project. Pull-out valet rods, belt racks, scarf racks, tie racks, even a hidden jewelry box to safeguard your valuables. The possibilities are endless.

Give us a call today to discuss creating the perfect custom closet design for you!