The Granny Pod


Keeping your family close

Over the past year we’ve had customers ask us about the latest trend in elder care called a Granny Pod or Granny Flat. A study by the AARP estimates that nearly 23 million Americans take care of their aging parents in some form or fashion. Some parents live at home and the family checks in on them. But what happens when they cannot safely live in their own homes? Allowing them to stay in their homes well past the point where it’s safe is not only dangerous for them, but a huge source of stress and worry on the family. Nursing homes or senior communities may not be feasible financially. So, what do you do? How about considering a Granny Pod.

Granny Pod in garden Jacksonville FL

Adorable fairytale-style pod in the garden.

Small Granny Pod Jacksonville FL

Row style pods for more than one family member.

What exactly IS a Granny Pod?

The Granny Pod is an extension of your home much like a workshop would be. It’s connected to your home’s sewer, water and power lines. The size and inside will depend on the health and condition of your family member, the space available on your property, and of course your budget. The dwelling itself can be as small as 12 by 24 feet or as big as a smallish guest house.

Tropical style granny pod Jacksonville FL

The perfect Florida pod replete with palm tree and cheerful paint.

Garage Granny Pod Jacksonville FL

Classic design and style sitting over the garage.

Safety First

These small units can be totally high tech with video and monitoring devices for vital signs, and transmit real time readings to caregivers and physicians. Floor level cameras and sensors can detect a fall, the toilet seat can record weight and temperature, a lift can move a family member from bed-to-bathroom, and a computer can remind them when to take their medications. They can also include safety features like hand railings and lighted floorboards. The bells and whistles are endless, really. The most important thing is peace of mind for both you and your family member. And that’s the best gift you can give to yourself and to them.