Home Remodeling Benefits


Smart home remodeling can give a big facelift to your home and transform it into the space you need. You love your home, love the neighborhood, love the schools, and it’s convenient to your job. However, it is beginning to feel like you’ve out-grown your space and it no longer suits your lifestyle or your family. Instead of looking for a new home, why not consider taking on a home remodeling project? Use the funds you may have invested into moving, realtor commissions, and down payments into reinventing your current space. In addition to the financial benefits of remodeling, you get the benefit of staying in your present location.

Home Remodeling – where do I begin?

Remodeling can mean adding additional living space, such as utilizing attic space or basement space. That alone adds new and useful square footage. Or, you can take it to the next level and build a new addition to your current home. And don’t forget the little things you can do to spruce up your living space. There are all sorts of things you can do, so let’s take a look at a few suggestions:

Fix things that need fixing

Like that squeaky door or torn window screen. Go ahead and fix things that you know are broken and can be easily done yourself. Not only does it take an item off your list, but it’ll resolve that ‘thing’ that’s been bugging you for years.

Add a little paint!

Painting is one of the simplest, most cost-effective home improvements you can make to your home. You can spruce up a kitchen or make a dramatic statement in your bedroom or entry way. Paint can change the entire feel of a space. It’s amazing how something so simple can add a whole new presentation. Don’t stop at the walls; cabinets and stair railings can benefit from a new coat of paint or stain as well.

Install new flooring

Is that old carpet looking pretty worn or dated? Linoleum tiles looking dull and dingy? Why not consider new flooring? The choices are endless here. Hardwood flooring can be spectacular (and expensive) but definitely will add to the value of your home. If you want to take a less expensive route, laminate flooring, vinyl and carpet tiles and cork are other great options.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Textured ceilings were once a big deal and all the rage; from the splattered shapes to popcorn. But honestly, they can make your home look really outdated. Don’t fret, those textures like spackle and popcorn can be removed fairly easily. Just apply a solution available at your local hardware store and scrape the texture away.

Update hardware

New doorknobs, cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures and wall plates. Bathroom and kitchen faucets, even new shower fixtures can add new flair and change the look of a room. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, either. There are affordable choices in each of these categories.

No day like today!

Now that you have suggestions and ideas, think about your home and what you’d like to accomplish. Make a list of the changes you’d like to make and tackle them one at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do it all at once. Some things can be done in a weekend, others will take longer. If you need help with a project that you do not think you can tackle yourself, give us a call and we’ll figure it out together.